It’s really not about us… it’s about you.

  • We make it all about you, because it is.
  • We have soulful  conversations.
  • We take this shit seriously.  
  • We don’t say yes to just anyone.
  • We are wickedly creative.
  • We make you look amazing.
  • We adore our clients.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • We take things up a notch.
  • We communicate like ninjas.
  • We create stunning products.
  • We are unapologetically insightful.
  • We pay attention to details.
  • We deliver results.

Your Team

Shawn Marie Turi

Shawn Marie Turi

A creative multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, speaker, strategist, who’s been playing in the apparel industry since 1984, Shawn Marie has an eye for style, a passion for quality and an undeniable commitment to delivering phenomenal service and products. She has seven start-up businesses to her credit and in addition to running {we} FLAUNT, she’s also the founder and creative brand + business strategist for Shawn Marie Turi, Inc. (, her eighth business. She’s soulful + strategic, practical + result oriented. She believes that the Get is in the Give, that Business IS Personal, that ‘Relationships are EVERYTHING!’ and both of her businesses are built on Generosity + TRUTH + Trust.

Michele Fish

Michele Fish

With over 10 years of leading, supporting, building, guiding and training countless sales teams, it was time for Michele to put all her knowledge, passion and talent, into growing and nurturing her own relationships and clients. She decided to join the {we} FLAUNT Style Squad and we’re SO glad she did. As a world traveler with a heart of gold and more generosity to go around than you imagine, Michele brings her amazing work ethic, her love for giving back and an eye for style to our growing team. We’re so lucky.

Susie Clisson

Susie Clisson

Susie is style + smarts all rolled into one. As part of the {we} FLAUNT Style Squad, she’s a passionate creative artist, with spot-on insightfulness and killer intuition. She has a knack for knowing what turns people on and for her, that's the magic... connection. Susie took a huge leap when she stepped away from her family business, after 25 years, to pursue a new passion. Who knew neckties could have such an effect. She loves wine and a good adventure and when she’s not hustling with heart, for {we} FLAUNT, she’s busy creating gorgeous heirlooms for her family and friends. She’s also outlining her first book, a joint project with her sister and we can’t wait to read it. We love that she’s joined 'Team {wf}'.